Head of Supply Chain Business Operations

I approached Bettina for help as I was successful with my job but, being truly honest with myself, I was feeling totally empty and alone. At that time I always wanted to have and do more and this was never enough. Working with Bettina I learnt to connect to my emotions, feelings and needs. The beauty of it is, that it is now automatic, I do not have to pay attention to it. I learnt to appreciate and love myself, again today it is automatic and all this love I feel today, I share it with my family, at work, with my friends.
Today (3 years after having worked with Bettina) I feel alive, totally fulfilled, present which leads to beautiful relashionships with my partner and my 3 children. At work thanks to this deep connection to my colleagues everything is much easier than before. I really became an inspiring leader. People want to work with me and support me achieving the vision I have for the company I work for. I’m really grateful for this deep work done with you Bettina! Thank you so much!